Sunday, February 13, 2005

Funny bookshelves

Yesterday, in an attempt to take this magnolia room a few steps towards being clutter free, I went to a DIY store to buy some bookshelves. Somebody once said that the floor is the biggest shelf in the room, which is happily true, but the dust that accumulates at the lower levels in this house makes it hardly ideal. Besides, I need my floor to provide passage from the bed to the door.

So, I got the bus and entered the store with all intentions of getting back on the bus with a bookcase. I came out of the shop with several plant pots, compost, seeds, planting tools and a shiny metal watering can. Whose idea was it to put garden centres in these places? At least now my ficus is looking very handsome in his glazed ceramic pot, and with a bit of rearranging all my books are on shelves, somehow. Whether the seeds I bought will ever make as far as being sunflowers, sweet peas and ...something else I forget... is another story. But the watering can looks fantastic.

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