Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Observing a librarian

So, turns out I'm a really bad blogger. Bad, neglectful blogger. But today I had inspiration. A tiny spark that flickered across my brain while I was contemplating the Philosophy reading list on my computer screen. Precisely, what an odd, odd thing work is.

Other animals have got it down pretty simple. They sleep, they look for food, they eat food, they manage to keep warm, and they sleep again. Humans do pretty much the same thing, except we do a complicated dance around it, and add on a few extras just for fun. Can you imagine if some higher being was watching my day in a wildlife documentary?

It's morning time on earth. Watch as the human librarian emerges from its nest of brick and wood and makes its way, bleary eyed, along this intricate maze of open air pathways. Other humans are on their travels too, some in large metal contraptions that pollute the air but enable members of this hard working species to choose from a larger number of places in which to labour.

The librarian works busily in a nest constructed of stone, which also serves as a place of education for the human young. It spends its day staring at a bright, flat light known as a "computer", handling communication devices made from pulped wood, and smiling at other humans.

For this labour the librarian is rewarded in return. However, the reward does not take the form of any physical item; rather, the personal number known as a "bank balance" automatically increases. Part of this number may then be exchanged for food and nest rent. It may also be exchanged for wide variety of items whose purpose currently remain a mystery, although we do know that some of the most popular items are flat shiny discs. This human librarian has also been observed to voluntarily consume large quantities of toxic liquids, and spends much time watching groups of human males kick a small sphere.

See what I mean? We're a mad, mad species.