Friday, February 11, 2005

Friday night

Today, I have no inspiration. Finding the words to write this post is like trying to draw blood from a stone. My Friday night brain doesn't want to try, and who am I to make it? So instead of crippling my already tired mind with the effort of formulating actual thoughts and translating those thoughts into coherent sentences, I'm just going to describe. This is what it's like, right now, in this very tiny corner of the universe.

Not suprsingly, it's dark outside. An orange urban glow illuminates dirty streaks on the window panes, rain stained slabs of glass revealing a shiny black world on the other side. A gentle precipitous pitter patter is barely audible above the swish of tyres on the wet tarmac below. Muffled boy racer music rises softly through the damp air, thud thud thudding as the night time traffic pauses at a red light.

It's Friday night. Wake me up when it's morning.

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