Monday, March 07, 2005

Wearing a white band

I'm finding it hard to write this, mainly because the notion that it is wrong for some people to be suffering in abject poverty while others worry about where their next Rolls Royce is coming from is so blindingly obvious that there are just too many ways to say it. Someone somewhere is starving while I worry about my small but very real craving for hot buttered toast. I sit in my warm room with my shiny computer, while others have no electricity, or education, or shoes. Someone, somewhere, is spending more money on jewellery than others will have in a life time. Some countries have money while others struggle in debt.

What I can do about this, I don't know. What world governments can do about it - a lot. This summer's G8 summit is an opportunity for the world's wealthiest countries to make decisions that will make a difference. Show your support for the Global call to action against poverty campaign by wearing a white band, and let everbody know that this is something we care about.


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nosdivad said...

Thanks for caring. I've put in the Magnificent Seven who supported the cause so well.