Friday, March 11, 2005


It's the weekend, and that's a good thing. The week becomes the weekend and work fades into sleep and dreams. What will I dream of? Last night it was cake, lots of cake. Maybe tonight it will be a better world, happiness, and love and kindness flowing indiscriminately between people. Or, it could just be more cake.

And then it will be Monday, weekend dreams will be forgotten, and I'll walk to work in the semi-dark, a cold breeze stinging my morning eyes. The cake will be a distant memory, though I'll still hope to find it again in some distant dream. Everybody will get cake one day.



Seth said...

If a one layered cake good... then a two layered cake is what? really now, once you see this two layered baked yummyness does the former lose or gain in personal preference? Wait youre right if you could give the first away it would still be good... and good for the reciever too. :) then making it better also. ahhhh reflects in the balance...

Love and Light

bluenettle said...

Every cake has many layers, and the more people we can provide with cake the better, that's what I say