Tuesday, January 25, 2005

Welcome to my world

So, this is it. The first tentative steps into blog world. Is there some sort of formula for this? Will I be cast into cyberspace oblivion and ignored forever if I don't follow the esoteric How all good bloggers begin rules? No? That's good then, because I couldn't find them anywhere.

I think I ought to begin by setting the scene. Right now I'm sitting on the bed in my cluttered magnolia room, baby Powerbook on my knee. The depressing sound of Morrisey's I have forgiven Jesus is drifting through the wall from the room next door. Sitting on the bed next to me while I type are a sadly overused cheque book, a mobile phone and a small bear named Ciaran. I'm wearing a t-shirt from Jesus Christ Superstar; Ciaran is sporting a little green number with IRELAND emblazoned across the front. He's lying on his back staring at the ceiling... I think he might be dead.

Oh, and I have a new plant, also green.

In an effort to be the honest, self-deprecating blogger that my muse instructs me to be, I'm bound to say this: this life isn't interesting, exciting or newsworthy at all, unless you're fascinated by the nine to five routine of a young librarian with no money and an unhealthy obsession with procrastination. But then there's this blog. The general idea is that if the words I manage to ramble onto these pages can be intelligent and thought provoking, or at least entertaining, then it won't matter that the rest of my day was like a page out of How not to change the world for dummies.

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