Monday, January 31, 2005

If only I could...

I start this post without really knowing how it's going to continue or what I'm going to say. My primary concern at the moment is that the one comment I've so far received will fall off the bottom of my main page when this is added, leaving my barely formed blog to look like an unwanted and unecessary appendage to blog world: 0 comments, 0 comments, 0 comments, 0 comments...

My problem is that I want to speak to the world but I don't know what to say or how to say it. Some people can transform their gut feelings into coherent, meaningful sentences so easily. I'm a fan of the folk singer Vin Garbutt for the very reason that he speaks to me with his words, in a seemingly effortless effort to make me think. He can say, "The youth of England wears a frown; they've nowhere to feed their soul," and only sound genuine, not contrived, or preachy, or arrogant.

I suppose I'm searching for somewhere to feed my soul, if I'm allowed to steal the muse of the great man and say that. I've poured my heart out in clumsy poetry; I've twisted and stretched and remained yoga-calm with the effort; I've even listened to classical music. When am I going to feel content? And does blogging have this mysterious ability to provide nutrition for my inner being?

If only I could sing.

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Aaron Heath said...

you dont need comments to make a great blog. If it fills you with enjoyment then thats all that counts!

Posted by Anonymous