Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Back again

Where have all my comments gone? This must be my punishment for nelgecting my blog for three months.

I've been busy. I can now knit socks and play Ode to joy on classical guitar. Thought the blogging thing was gone for ever. I was wrong. Oooooooo, that was all a bit W.H. Auden.

Wish I could think of a 'thing' for this post. But I can't. Oooooooo, that was all a bit Keith and Orville.

I think I'd better stop now, and come back when I've got something sensible to say. Ooooooo, that was all a bit..... No, really. Stop. Talking to myself now. Stop it. Stop. 'Stop' spells 'pots' backwards. Stop. .

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