Friday, September 01, 2006


I abandoned my blog, and I didn't think I'd be back. For more than three hundred days, these pages have been alone, silent, and let's face it, barely visited.

But then today, in a fit of nostalgia/boredom, I visited the lonely pages and read many (ok, all) of those old posts. Like rereading an old diary, I smiled, laughed, and cringed helplessly. Most importantly, I thought (with ten months of hindsight, of course) I'd actually done pretty well at the whole blogging thing, even if I was a bit scatter-brained to actually get a loyal following. You've got to have a theme to get on in the blog world, and I just don't want to bore myself that much. But hey, who cares? I'll write about anything and everything and hopefully win people over with my witty charm... Maybe not. How about some interesting stories, useful info and a little bit of self indulgent musing? Possibly more of the latter, let's face it.

So much new is going on these days that I don't know where to start, so I won't. Except to mention the fandabidosy Performancing plug-in for Firefox, a sublime blog editor that may well have sealed the deal in my return to blogland.

Watch this space. Future topics may or may not include any of the following: Knitting, growing tomatoes, my shiny new flat, Ireland, vegetarianism, walking, a new job, films, jala neti, poetry, nonsensical ramblings, football (soccer), recycling, composting with worms...

In fact, I'm so excited about that last one that I just have to get in a little teaser: there are worms living under my kitchen sink! Trust me, this is a good thing :-)

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